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The Benefits to Employee Motivation and Training with Video

on Fri, 09/18/2015 - 21:02

When you hire new employees to work for your company, one of the first things that you have to accomplish is training them.  While there's no substitute for one-on-one training that allows a new employee to get hands-on with their newly acquired skills, there are also benefits to a standardized training tool that is available to all employees.  Employee motivation and training with video allows you to present the information to your employees that you most want them to learn in a format that is easily repeated again and again.  
Here are some benefits:  
Your employees are all getting the same training. 
That means that everyone has access to the same information, and when questions arise about what an employee might or might not know, it's easy to point back to the training video and know for certain that they've been given the information. 
Nothing gets left out.  
When you're training a new employee, especially if it's in something that you do every day or if you're used to training employees and so have been over the same material several times, it's easy to forget that you've left something out.  By using video training materials, you can ensure that every employee is getting every piece of information every time.  
You can bring in guest speakers easily across different geographic areas. 
Looking to motivate your employees through a rousing motivational speaker or to train your new employees through a highly skilled individual who might not be available all the time?  Video training lets you connect your motivational speaker to every employee across the globe without needing to pay his travel expenses.  
Motivating your employees to the high standards of performance you're hoping for can be a challenge.  Want to create the perfect employee motivation video?  It starts with using the same categories that Glenn Llopis characterizes as necessary for employee motivation in other forums.  
Show your employees how they have an impact.  
Whether it's a view of what their work has accomplished within the company itself or a picture of how their work has been taken outside the company to create a positive impact on the community, the city, or elsewhere.  People who believe that they're having a real impact are likely to work harder than people who believe that their efforts are accomplishing nothing.
Provide opportunities for personal advancement and indulgence.  
Whether it's working toward a bonus or hoping for a promotion, your employees will work harder when they feel that there's something in it for them.  Ideally, those rewards should be customized to the individual so that they will have the maximum possible gain in the employee's output.
Provide stability and security.  Llopis makes the point that the economic collapse of 2008 motivated many people to push harder for security in their professional lives than ever before.  It's not easy to go out and get another job when you've just lost the last one, and that means your employees are already motivated to keep their jobs if at all possible.  By providing them with a sense of stability, you can help them develop greater motivation toward your company.  When the company is doing well, they stand better odds of keeping their jobs long-term--and that's something that most employees know to value.
Be trustworthy.  You don't want to say any of these things only to turn around and take them away again later.  Instead, you want to prove to your employees that you are trustworthy.  They need to know that they can count on you.  When you make promises, follow through on them.  Remember, they have video evidence!
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